And other Judo stories in the Zen tradition

By Trevor Leggett

In 50 absorbing stories drawn from a lifetime of experience in Europe and the Far East, Trevor Leggett shows that judo is a training for life. The Cherry Tree, Cutting Off the Bull’s Horns, Tigers and Rabbits and, of course The Dragon Mask, are in themselves entertaining, informative and even surprising – but underneath each is a wider application that can reach to the heart of our lives.

Judo, he says, can be as much about character development as combat on the mat.

T.P. Leggett (1914-2000) was, during his lifetime, the senior figure in British judo. A Kodokan 6th Dan, he practised in Japan before the Second World War, and later became a respected translator of Japanese and Sanskrit texts into English.

He was also known throughout the judo and Buddhist worlds for his large fund of stories which, while entertaining and fascinating in themselves, have a strongly instructive element. This is the first book of judo stories in the tradition of Zen to be produced.



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