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How It Is

By Samuel Beckett
Read Dermot Crowley
5 hours 20 minutes

How It Is, a landmark in 20th century literature, is one of the most challenging of Samuel Beckett’s early novels. He published it first in French in 1961 and then in his own translation in 1964. He explained in a letter that it was the outpouring of a  “‘man’ lying panting in the mud and dark murmuring his ‘life’ as he hears it obscurely uttered by a voice inside him… Continue Reading →



By Samuel Beckett
Read by Dermot Crowley
10 hours 5 minutes

Written in Roussillon during World War Two, while Samuel Beckett was hiding from the Gestapo, Watt was first published in 1953. Beckett acknowledged that this comic novel unlike any other ‘has its place in the series’ – those masterpieces running from Murphy to the Trilogy, Waiting for Godot and beyond. It shares their sense of a world in crisis, their profound awareness of the paradoxes of being, and their distrust of the rational universe.  Continue Reading →



By Samuel Beckett
Read by Stephen Hogan
6 hours 51 minutes


‘The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.’ So opens Murphy, Samuel Beckett’s first novel, published in 1938. Its work-shy eponymous hero, adrift in London, realises that desire can never be satisfied and withdraws from life, in search of stupor. Continue Reading →