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By C.G Jung
Read by Martyn Swain
24 hours 03 minutes

In the 21st century, Carl Gustav Jung  (1875-1961) remains one of the key figures in the field of analytical psychology  – and ‘Psychological Types’, or The Psychology of Individuation, published in 1921, is one of his most influential works. It was written during the decade after  the publication of Psychology of the Unconscious (1912)  which effectively ended his friendship and collaboration with Sigmund Freud. Continue Reading →


UA-Jung-Memories, Dreams, Reflections 2400pxMEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS

By C. G. Jung
Read by James Cameron Stewart
16 hours 51 minutes

James Cameron Stewart






Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss-born psychologist, was one of the giants of the 20th century. His wide-ranging studies, his clinical practice, and his open, searching mind transformed the way human psychology is viewed. He identified many key aspects of the human character and the words he chose are part of everyday life: introvert, extravert, archetypes, animus, anima, the shadow, the collective unconscious and many more. Memories, Dreams, Reflections is his fascinating and remarkable look at his own life. These frank revelations of the innermost life of one of the greatest explorers of the human mind is a unique document of our own and of all time. Continue Reading →