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UKEMI AUDIOBOOKS is a new digital label for the spoken word founded by Nicolas Soames. It presents fiction and non-fiction titles which are either unavailable as downloads or which need fresh, clear and authoritative recordings. They range from C J Jung’s important autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections and Seneca’s The Moral Epistles, to Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks and Samuel Beckett’s Murphy. For details of all releases click on the CATALOGUE tab. All titles can be downloaded from Audible.



IT HAS BEEN just over three years since Ukemi Audiobooks launched its first releases, and some 80 recordings later it seems that we have continued in much the same way. We began  with Seneca, Nietzsche, French poems and Jung – and as 2019 unfolds we have Chaucer’s endearing but neglected poem Troilus and Cressida – on audiobook for the first time; Nietzsche’s intriguing group of four essays, Untimely Considerations; the first volume of a projected series from Plutarch’s Moralia, a truly fascinating compilation from an entertaining and clear-headed man, albeit from 2,000 years ago; and (later this month) another chapter in our Schopenhauer journey – The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics.

How are titles chosen? Partly from my interests, and preferences and spotting a gap or need in the international audiobook catalogue. But also in response to emails from listeners suggesting titles that they would like to hear! For example, the suggestion for Plutarch came from SR (USA) and JMA (in Ecuador!); Longus’s Daphnis and Chloe came from NZ (Canada) – a truly forgotten gem! – as well as the more rigorous Plotinus…; CD (Central London) put forward ideas as varied as the Upanishads, Locke, Spinoza and others! So, suggestions are all welcome – though no promises! And to respond to the many requests for Volume 3 of Marx’s Capital, Derek Le Page is recording the final chapters as I write, and hopefully it will be available from Audible in March.

Nicolas Soames

January 2019